New version of IEC standard for electronic type label package labels upcoming

The IEC standards 62090 „Product package labels for electronic components using bar code and two-dimensional symbologies“ was significantly rewritten for the version 2.0 and is close to be published.

An important goal of this revision was, that an efficient automatic identification in incoming goods and production is easily and efficiently possble without need for customer specific labelling,m and that track&trace is supported at the best.
Especially for medium-sized customers and for the purchase via distributors the revised labels enable simple and efficient automated processes.

The preparation work for this new version of the IEC 62090 was accomplished by the EDIFICE experts group for automatic identification under my project lead.
Mr. Huck from Murata (delegate from DKE, the German national mirror for IEC TC91) had the project lead within IEC TC91.

Information about liaison between EDIFICE and IEC

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