European standardisation project for labelling of distribution units and pallets in the trade of seafood products

Labelling of fish and seafood
Labelling of fish and seafood

Council regulations EC, 1224/2009, requires that all lots of fisheries and aquaculture products shall be traceable at all stages of production, processing and distribution, from catching or harvesting to retail stage.
Failing to meet these requirements can have a serious impact on your business. In addition to the legal requirements, key players in the seafood industry also found that logistics and operating costs currently account for up to 15 %
of seafood sales value.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is an organization in which the national standards committees of 33 European countries jointly develop standards. CEN is working in the working group TC225 / WG4 (applications of automatic identification) on a standard for the labeling of distribution units and pallets in the trade of fish and fishery products.

Your input matters

It is important that this standard is developed in close cooperation with the stakeholders of the entire logistical supply chain from fishing on the high seas or aquaculture to the final consumers. Therefore, all stakeholders are invited to participate in this process. This allows you to work with other experts in your industry to influence the new standard. This will enable you to gain competitive advantage and receive information on the latest technologies and best practices.

Further information

Contact for further information Erik Jensen,, Standards Norway, or in Germany to Rainer Schrundner, chairman of CEN / TC 225 / WG 4,

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